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Dream Interpretation

Sleep... Ah don't we all love to snuggle in our beds with perfect room temperature, maybe a nice scented candle, and some meditation music and dose off.

Vivid dreams tends to happen when we are in our most vulnerable and unconscious state. While we are dreaming at our most unconscious state this is how our spirit guides, angels ancestors, and love ones communicate with us from heaven easily. These dreams can help you to grow, to guide you, protect you, warn you, let you know what is to unfold and or your prayers have been answered. They may give us words, colors, numbers, symbols, people that we may have never met in his life and other signs that we must pay close attention to.

Here are a few dreams interpretations that may help you to bring more clarity:


Dream Of the ocean represents that you will soon have tranquility piece and a new beginning in your life dreaming of the OSHA represents a new sense of oneself and that every obstacle that you have been facing will soon turnaround In your favor. Dreaming of the ocean depending in the situation of what the dream was if you dreamed that you were drowning it represents that there has been a few ups and downs in your life that you are starting to feel a bit conflicted on and a bit lost. You are in need of a fresh start but you must take action and not allow procrastination to get in the way. Dreaming of the ocean can Also means that you are in need of a spiritual cleanse and there's different types of cleanses that you were able to use such as Palo Santo, Sage, candles, spiritual baths, Or dipping yourself in the ocean and asking the higher power and your angels to remove all obstacles that may have been placed in your life.

Falling Dreams

Think of yourself falling represents you needing to confront some issues in your life or feelings that needs to come to the surface. Acknowledge those feelings that you have been trying to suppress. To dream of yourself falling represents lack of support in your life and lack of control and you're feeling a bit stressed and wishes that you could change your dynamic so you're able to achieve your goal. Falling in your dreams also mean you may be carrying past trauma that you need to start healing and insecurities you need to work on. Don't be afraid to take a step back and reevaluate What needs to change your life.

Communication Dream

Dream of someone talking to you represents a behavior issue and that you need to improve your social skills and communication skills and learn how to express yourself a bit more clear. You may be having also a difficult time of being understood and that you may not be heard. You may be asked to step outside your comfort zone and learn to have time for friends and family. if you don't have any friends Spirit recommends that you introduce yourself to new people but also cautious Because you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve and people Takes advantage of your kindness and vulnerability.

Pregnancy Dream

Dreaming Pregnancy such as being pregnant, a pregnancy test Or giving birth represents you having or desiring fulfillment. It also represents that you need to heal your inner womb Is there some emotional trauma that your mother has passed on to you that you may be carrying in this life or Traumatic experiences that is now affecting your day-to-day life. Dreaming of being pregnant or pregnancy test represents you desiring to be comforted and nurtured and having someone there to comfort you. Pregnancy symbolizes a new project or several projects being a success but it needs more focus and nurture. Dreaming of a pregnancy test Is positive Means that you are desiring good outcomes but dreaming of a pregnancy test that is negative represents that you have fear of things not going your favor. Being pregnant represents that you will be pregnant soon or someone close to you will be pregnant within several weeks. Giving birth means a start of a new chapter in your life; turning the page and desiring new.

Teeth Falling Out Dream

Dreaming of your teeth falling out represents a loss or fear of change that is currently happening to your life or will soon happen. Are afraid that your dreams may not come to reality but they are but you have conditioned yourself to believe that your dreams are difficult to reach. At times in our lives we have a hard time getting a point across and having teeth being chipped broken or fallen represents having a hard time being heard. A times it represents someone is gossiping about us and we need to protect ourselves and reevaluate the people You currently communicate with such as friends, family, associates, your neighbor, coworkers and much more. You may be dealing with anxiety or depression during this time when or have low self-esteem or feeling powerless and lack of motivation.

Lottery Dreams

Dreaming of the lottery represents that you will come across abundance and prosperity. You have been trying to progress and grow in your life and all the good effort you have put out to the universe it will come back to you. Winning the lottery in your dream doesn't significantly means that you will win the lottery but you will win when it comes to success. Having a dream that you have won the jackpot or scratch off represents that you have stability that you have been praying for.

Travel Dream

Dreaming a travel represents that you need to get out the house and get some fresh air you have been cooped up in your home for so long that you need to go out socialize to not only discover life but to discover yourself. Traveling also represents that you will soon travel and it's time for you to actually plan on where you want to go will you plan on doing during this vacation. If you have already booked your trip be Cautious of missed or changed flights, missing items, and make sure that you double check to have everything keep personal items close to yourself. When we see a plane in the sky, a car on the road, A train on the rails or a cruise ship in the ocean this represents a sense of freedom that you were desiring to have. Dreaming of travel represents that there needs to be effort towards our dreams and to continue focusing on your goals as you will be soaring great heights in your life journey.

Animals Dream

Meaning of animals represents the pure and essence of your souls and to not forget to be playful and to have fun in this life. Your spirit guides are asking you to take us a few steps back and to be childlike because they are seeing that you are a bit overwhelmed and need a sense of balance. For example if you dream of cats this means that you desire power in your life if you dream of dogs it represents that you want loyalty and honesty in your life. If you dream of an elephant it represents that you will have stability in your life but if you Dream of an owl it represents death of a loved one or someone close to the family. Snakes represents evil and someone is wanting your downfall but sharks represents envy and that you are being watched. Different animals have different meanings but overall if you dream of several animals it means that you need to embrace your inner youth And let go of control.

Past Relationship Dreams

You're dreaming of an ex? Be prepared as this person is desiring to return in your life. These are usually karmic connections or soul ties that tend to come back. Usually dreaming of an ex me said this person from the past feels as though they have unfinished business with you And are desiring reconciliation or closure. At times the souls also want to cause destruction in our life and be nosey so be cautious as well as they usually don't have our best interest at heart. If The person has returned and is desiring to reconciliate with you take your time to make the decision whether is not you want this person in your life. Dreaming of an ex also means that this person has thought about you but their ego is getting in the way of contacting you. You may dreamt of this person because you feel as though you don't have closure or he was truly hurt and there's some unfinished businessDreaming of an ex also means that this person has thought about you but your ego is getting in the way of contacting you. You may dreamt of this person because you feel as though you don't have closure, there's some unfinished business and or desires healing and closure.

If you don't Dream at all this means that you're carrying a lot of underlying stress and you need to find an outlet to release the stress such as therapy, meditation, exercise, I'll find more time for yourself Dream at all this means that you're carrying a lot of underlying stress and you need to find an outlet to release the stress such as therapy, meditation, exercise, or find more time for yourself And to let go of guilt because this means that you're taking care of everybody else but yourself. you need to learn to have more of balance in your life and try to rest your mind at night time. Don't think about every day life which includes bills necessities and other things you have to do as that will all be taken care of by your spiritual team.

If you are interest in more dream interpretations please let me know and I would be glad to do more.

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Ronice Harrison
Ronice Harrison
May 21, 2021

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