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Dream Interpretation

Sleep... Ah don't we all love to snuggle in our beds with perfect room temperature, maybe a nice scented candle, and some meditation music and dose off.

Vivid dreams tends to happen when we are in our most vulnerable and unconscious state. While we are dreaming at our most unconscious state this is how our spirit guides, angels ancestors, and love ones communicate with us from heaven easily. These dreams can help you to grow, to guide you, protect you, warn you, let you know what is to unfold and or your prayers have been answered. They may give us words, colors, numbers, symbols, people that we may have never met in his life and other signs that we must pay close attention to.

Here are a few dreams interpretations that may help you to bring more clarity:


Dream Of the ocean represents that you will soon have tranquility piece and a new beginning in your life dreaming of the OSHA represents a new sense of oneself and that every obstacle that you have been facing will soon turnaround In your favor. Dreaming of the ocean depending in the situation of what the dream was if you dreamed that you were drowning it represents that there has been a few ups and downs in your life that you are starting to feel a bit conflicted on and a bit lost. You are in need of a fresh start but you must take action and not allow procrastination to get in the way. Dreaming of the ocean can Also means that you are in need of a spiritual cleanse and there's different types of cleanses that you were able to use such as Palo Santo, Sage, candles, spiritual baths, Or dipping yourself in the ocean and asking the higher power and your angels to remove all obstacles that may have been placed in your life.