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About Your Guardian Angel

Updated: May 9, 2020

Some people tend to get confused with the difference between Guardian Angels and Archangels. Some think they are the same but they are not.  

Guardian Angels are assigned to us before the day that we are born by Father God. The difference with Guardian Angels is that Guardian Angels are yours! You don’t share your guardian angel with anyone. Guardian Angels don’t have names , Archangels do. Guardian Angels are here to give us guidance, clarity, security and help to give us many opportunities from Love to career. They also protect us from evildoers. Angels understand everything that we are going through as they are highly sensitive beings. When you’re sad, they are sad with you. When you are happy, they are also happy with you. 

Guardian Angels are with us in every moments of our lives - from our first time walking, our first birthday, our first love and heart break, first time travel to even competitions, giving birth, getting married - Everything you can think of. Guardian Angels know you more than you know yourself and they love you flaws and all. 

Guardian Angels do no intervene in certain situations unless you ask them to. When you ask guardian angels to intervene and help you with something specific, right away they help you with no hesitation. Don’t be afraid to ask your guardian angel for help. Be specific when it comes to your needs with your guardian angel, Ask with respect but DONT Tell them what to do for they are not your servants. 

Here are the signs that you know your Guardian Angel is with you. 

  • You will smell sweet perfume or a candy like scent 

  • You see or find a white feather 

  • You see Angel numbers all over such as 222, 444, 111, etc. 

  • Your ears will start to ring or feel pressure

  • You feel like someone is next to you 

  • Clouds may look like Angels 

  • You will see sparkles of lights or one light from the corner of your eye 

  • You will see rainbows 

  • You will feel all of a sudden hot, cold or have tingles 

  • You will start to feel calmness out of nowhere 

When you see these signs, Your guardian angels is trying to get your attention. Pay close attention to the messages that are being given to you.  

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Timeka Rivera
Timeka Rivera
Dec 23, 2022

They don’t have names? 😞


ari renteria
ari renteria
May 30, 2021

Im unable to see the sings of the angels it’s blank all I see it the bullet points and that’s it


This information was very helpful thanks


Thank you zuni..i really felt this so grateful!!!

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